July 2023 Factor Performance Analysis



High-Beta and Value stocks outperformed globally, Growth not far behind

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Our latest July factor performance analysis showed High-Beta and Value stocks outperformed globally, with Growth not far behind.

Global equity markets continued their momentum with Emerging Markets leading the way this month.

Find out what these trends mean and which sub-factors to watch, all in our latest global report.



Gain insights regarding:

  • What factors outperformed in their respective markets in July.

  • How US, European and Canadian equities performed during elevated global inflation rates.

  • How the global markets are navigating an increasingly complex geopolitical climate with increased pressures from China.



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Alex Lustig
Senior Consultant
Investment Metrics, a Confluence company

Alex Lustig is a style factor and client relationships expert, joining from Style Analytics in 2021. He has completed CFA Level 1 and holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from Boston University.